Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Memory

My dad wrote his very first poem several months before he passed away last July. It was written about his mother and he planned to have it published in the local newspaper in her memory on her birthday. He wasn't here when her birthday came and unfortunately we didn't have it in the paper (we planned to but never did it). So...I'm publishing it here on my blog in memory and in honor of both my dad and my grandmother. After his passing, we couldn't help but wonder if he knew his time was near.

The picture of my grandmother was published in the newspaper quite a few years ago in the local section. She always loved to garden and enjoyed her flowers most of all.

In Memory of Mary Alice Newbold

by Bud Newbold

My mother had a green thumb
with proven garden skills
She tried tirelessly to coach me
though I never had the will.

Wearing her large straw hat
the memories are so clear
When I pass by the home place
I feel her presence near.

Though her garden still remains
and she's been gone for years
I can't help but look for her
with eyes clouded with tears.

One day soon I'll see her
I'm waiting for the day
when the Master calls my name
I'll be on my way.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


When times are tough--and they definitely are right now--I think it helps to remember the many blessings in our lives. So...this list is probably for my benefit more than anyone, but maybe it will help someone else remember their many blessings too.
1. I know God and I know that He is still in control.
2. I have a good husband who has always tried to take care of his family.
3. I have 3 healthy children.
4. I had the opportunity to spend many years at home caring for and teaching my children.
5. I know I did my best to teach my children right from wrong--no matter what they choose.
6. I have a home and plenty of food.
7. I have an extended family that I can depend on when I need them.
8. I have friends that I can depend on to listen and encourage me.
9. I have 2 healthy grandchildren.
10. My husband has a job.
11. I have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my grandson.
12. God can help me grow and learn even during tough times.
13. I have many more blessings than I can really even count!!