Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thomas the Train & the NC Zoo

In September, we took a trip to a small town in western NC where there is an old train depot that has been made into a museum. Each year Thomas the Train is there for 2 weekends. A friend told us about it and we just HAD to go. Dalton is a HUGE Thomas fan and it sounded like a lot of fun for everyone. Plus, it was located only about 30 minutes from the NC Zoo and we have been wanting to go there for a while.

We invited my mom to go with us and my middle son, Justin. Brianna wasn't able to go because she couldn't miss school. We drove up on Thursday afternoon so we could be there on Friday morning without having to get up sooo early-- it was about a 4 hour drive. Friday morning we headed into Spencer to the NC Transportation Museum. Dalton was so excited over the trains, but when he saw Thomas--wow--he could hardly believe it!! He was ready to ride right then. Unfortunately, he had to wait a few hours because our tickets were for a 1:30 pm ride. That gave us time to see the museum filled with old cars, trains, and even airplanes. He met Sir Toppam Hatt and had his picture made and even saw Bob the Builder. Of coarse, the gift shop was full of tempting things...but he had to be satisfied with a whistle and a Thomas backpack. Finally, 1:30 came and we boarded the train. The ride lasted about 25 minutes and he loved every second of it! He was so tired I thought he would fall asleep, but he managed to stay awake for the entire time. I'm not sure which of us had the most fun:)

On Saturday, we went to Asheboro to the NC Zoo. It was much cooler and drizzled rain the entire time we were there, but we didn't let it stop us. We made it through the whole zoo in about 5 hours of walking...according to Justin the whole zoo is uphill:) lol We enjoyed all the animals. I really expected Dalton to be much more excited than he was at the zoo, but I think he was still thinking about Thomas.

It was a great trip and one I'd love to do again next year!! Who wants to join us?

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  1. I wish I could come with! The only thing
    in my way is living in Utah! You guys have so much fun. Your son Justin is so wise...
    everything is up-hill both ways. I have a
    long letter started and hope to get sent before Christmas. EEEEEK

    Happy Turkey Day to your family and
    enjoy the season my friend.