Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Because He's CUTE!

Now for the pics that don't fit a specific category...except that they are of the cutest boy ever;)


  1. I cant believe he has grown that much!
    He is such a handsome young man, his
    smile shines. He is a happy kid with
    alot of memories already. I have missed
    your blog/pictures and may have to start
    up again. Happy spring and enjoy your
    flowers, garden and carly the goat! How
    is she?

  2. Well...I found a new home for the goats! They were driving us crazy. Loud, wouldn't stay in the pen...etc:)

    Sticking with the chickens for now.

  3. Ha Ha, That has got to be the cutest smile I have seen in a very long time!